We offer the possibility of engraving on ​​purchased watches. We can engrave text, such as a dedication or name, as well as the logo of your company or even an entire picture or photograph. For watches, engraving on the back cover is typical, for some types of watches it is possible to engrave to another place of your choice.

You can order engraving very easily by adding the Watch Engraving item to your cart. We will then contact you and arrange details about your engraving.

In case of interest, it is possible to have the lid of the watch polished. Usually the engraving can be placed on the watch, I recommend that you want to engrave, for example, a logo or a photo.

Please allow about a week to complete your order, it is possible to agree individually on a shorter date (if it is only a little technically possible).

Please note that in the case of engraving, the delivery times stated for the product itself do not apply, the engraving takes about a week, the exact date is always agreed individually. The possibility of returning the goods within 14 days also does not apply, as it is a custom modification of the goods.

Engraving order procedure:

1) put "Watch engraving" in the basket
2) on the order page, in the "order comment" field, enter the details and your wishes regarding engraving
3) submit the order
4) We will then contact you regarding the date of your order and the details of what and how you want to engrave, we will send a preview for approval, etc.