Orient introduces six new multi-year calendar models to its Contemporary collection. This model is equipped with a unique display containing the year, month, date and day and embodies the creative watch style of the Orient and combines the functionality of a mechanical watch with an original design.

The first generation of the multi-year calendar dates back to the 1960s, when the Orient created unique models with bold designs. The new generation models launched in the 1990s were equipped with their own 46 Series Oriented Automatic Caliber and became one of the most popular models. The new multi-year calendar includes this automatic feature with manual loading and second-hand hacking of the F6 series for better performance. The newly introduced transparent back of the case also allows you to admire the precise mechanical movement from the back.

Calendar edits have been significantly improved. This new model inherited the original display system, which displays the calendar for more than 20 years by matching the last 2 digits of the years and months at 12 o'clock and matching the day and date at 6 o'clock. But one thing is another. The display ring setting button is no longer available, which means that all calendar function settings are now accessible from the crown. The design of this new model has also been improved. The new wider dial with a slightly enlarged case with a diameter of 43.5 mm and a narrow frame allows you to divide the calendar display into larger characters, which ensures better readability. Large 3-dimensional clock markers and large bevelled hands also increase readability.

The new generation multi-year calendar comes in a wide range of color dials as before: gold, green, navy blue and white dials come with a metal bracelet, while ivory and black dials come with leather straps. The colored dials not only enrich the original display of the calendar, but also add a fashionable touch. The new models of the multi-year calendar are attractive watches that bring joy to their owner.